All but one event lost in Google Calendar on VS500

To preface, this isn't the first time this has happened, so I've set up to auto backup to the Gmail/Google Drive account this phone (and the one before it) are set to. The backup from one hour before I noticed this issue is there but even though I can see it in my Drive on both PC and phone, there's no button to "restore from this backup," only to delete it.

Just... why? What am I missing here?

Back to the main problem: Yesterday, my calendar on my phone was fine. It has a TON of events in it because I'm chronically ill and have many doctor appointments, plus I play quite a lot of video games with date-specific events, and also reminders to do various miscellaneous things.

About 1 hour ago, I went to change an event and noticed that everything was gone. Looking online for solutions, I saw "Go to your Google Calendar on the PC to see if the events are there and/or if they're in the 'Deleted' folder," and went there. Only a single event was on that calendar - a flight back to home in 8 hours. Everything else was gone.
I followed other tips and tricks, deleting the app's cache, restarting the phone, and among other things, looking when the last backup of my settings/app data was.

Which brings me back to why I can't restore anything at all. I checked which calendars were syncing and apparently it was syncing all of my Google accounts, and every account had a check in the box next to it.

So if all my accounts were syncing fine, and I have a backup, why can't I do anything with it, and why did the calendar delete itself except for one event, in the first place?

The first time this happened, the Verizon employee chalked it up to a hopeless bug and that the data was just gone, because I didn't have any backups. I can't turn off auto-sync now to stop it from syncing the blank calendar, or it forces me to remove all Google Drive accounts from the phone, for some reason.

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