[Q] Video recording tin portrait mode records in rotated landscape mode - with review

There are a million threads on this; none of them have a "real" solution to this problem

there are those of us, who due to whatever reason (helmet cams, preference for posture, etc) want to record videos in portrait mode.

What happens (on my sgs2) is that the video records just fine in whatever resolution I pick... but it records it 90 degrees rotated to the right.

The solution that is usually offered is that "you can rotate it after!" yes... but then you have to CROP part of the image and lower the resolution. 1920 x 1080 recordings end up having to be cropped so that half of the view is cut out , or even more if you are maintaining a real aspect ratio.

The questions about "why not just hold it sideways", are just as pointless as the statement by steve jobs telling iphone4 users that they were holding their phones wrong.

is this something that can be remedied ? or has google decided that people should only record videos when their phones are in landscape mode?

i understand that we cant see landscape resolution in portrait mode; but can't we just have a viewport into the camera, but record in properly oriented landscape mode? so that playback on a computer will show the full resolution, even though we will only see part of it on the phone..

i think the iphone works this way?

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