Problems with Android devices and Wifi

hey all..

I am having some weird problems with Android devices on my company wireless network.

My company makes games for Android and Ios and we test our games a lot on a variety of devices.

For whatever reason, some of our Android devices, which range from older version Samsung Notes, right up to Galaxy S4, have trouble with wireless speeds.

I am starting to believe its Android mostly because other devices have no problems, such as laptops, Iphone 4s and above, Ipads etc.

When I say they have problems, I mean they tend to lose connectivity to the wireless network and then reconnect, or their speeds are just way too low.
Iphones for example tend to get anywhere between 15-25Mbps when I've tested them. My Laptop is able to get 50 (I realize that a laptop is not a fair comparison).. and yet some of the Android devices here, Nexus 7 tablet, Samsung Galaxy Nexus (4.2.1), get around 1-3Mbps.. Also, my personal phone, an LG Optimus G, running Cyanogen Mod, gets 3-5 Mbps on the same networks as the other devices are on.

I don't understand what could be the reason for this huge discrepancy between devices and its very perplexing. At home on my Asus router, my phone gets a constant 20Mbps always.. and that's just a single router. Here in my office we have a 12 Access Point Wireless grid which provides signal to the enter building.

I have tried many different things, from adjusting the networks to only be G type, removing encryption for testing, upgrading phone OS's and making sure they are their current version.. also adjusting the wireless options such as turning wifi off during sleep, turning off the optimize wireless switch, everything I could think of.. and yet on some devices it just crawls and I don't get why.

Has anyone come across this before? I'm racking my brain here trying to get to the bottom of this ..

Thanks for any ideas and suggestions.

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