[Q] Prevent certain Android OS functionality with an Android Shell app.?

Hi devs~
Please help...

With a shell /launcher app. or by using any other software In an wifi only Android tablet device, can you:

1. Hide the "Application icon" so as to prevent the user from going into the drawer showing all of the installed applications and
launching any one of the apps. including the play store app. ?
2. Hide the "pull down menu" (notification menu on the top of the screen)?
3. Prevent addition of more pages to the home screen (only one page exists i.e. the home screen page)?

Are the above technically possible and does the MADA or any other agreement for using or distributing an Android OS device prevent you from doing this?
Also, according to the below mentioned article, Android is an open source OS which anyone can use...
So, does this mean that you can use the Android and even change it so as to realize the above mentioned features without ever dealing with Google and that Google would not
have any problems?

Search for the following article in the Google search: "Debunking four myths about Android, Google, and open-source"

"What it all means in sum is that Android is indeed an open-source operating system and that anyone—yes, even you — can use it as the basis for their own devices, applications, and services. As such, it's more open than Apple or Microsoft's mobile operating systems, and it's only significant open-source competitors, are — oh the irony — were actually built on AOSP."

Any comments and/or thoughts would be appreciated.

Thanks to all...

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