Android 5.0 on Google Nexus 5 - Newbie questions / support

Hello everyone,

At first, as a new member, let me congratulate you for this amazing forum and the community that is built around it. A lot of useful and interesting stuff can be found here, and I know that it takes a lot of hard work to boost and maintain a forum to this high-quality level, create a community and share knowledge, so thank you for that and keep up the good work.

To get to the point, I recently became the owner of a Google Nexus 5 and 3 days ago I upgraded the preinstalled Android 4.4 to Android 5.0. Before that, I used a Nokia N900 phone with Maemo 5 and ArchLinux (desktop Linux Distribution), and this Nexus became my introduction to the Android operating system for the first time.
So as a newbie to Android, I want to ask toy a few questions on how to make some things done.
While I had my Android rooted before, after the upgrade it probably needs rooting again, so I'd be grateful if someone points out a link to a tutorial that describes this process. I also need to install an anti-theft application, and from what I've seen, Cerberus just does what I want, but I need to install it in a way that even if someone restored the phone to its default settings or even format it, the application woud stay in place. From what I've read, it is possible, right? I don't know how, maybe it has something to do with the ROM, which brings me to my next question. Custom ROMs, what are they? How do they get installed and which one do you suggest for Nexus 5?

As for now, those are my questions. I know that I could use Google to find out more about those stuff, but I really want to learn how they work, not just how to accomplish them, and all my searches in Google result in different ways to achieve the same thing, a fact that confuses me instead of teaching me stuff. That's why I ask here.

So, if anyone could point out some links or explain to me how to do the things I want, I'd be very grateful.
Also, besides all those things, any suggestions you might have of any nature, I'd be glad to hear them and they'll be much appreciated!

Than you very much in advance. I appologize to the forum and its moderators if I posted this in a wrong category or broke any rule. I assure you that if I did, it was not intetional.
Best regards,

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