[Q] N9006 Note 3 problem touch-solve for time, return problem

Dear friends, see this, see in the youtube:

I activated the phone in their own settings of android to show screen touches and strokes that you can see in the video above, and installed YAMTT app to better show the problem.

The Problem on mobile touch in the middle of the screen there is a track that is not recognized touch, but if I press the screen sinking, she returns to work temporarily, and now recognizes the touch - but after a few minutes the problem back and touch is not recognized again.
The screen is perhaps dished up, and when I press down her back to be in contact with the part of the cell that recognizes the touch, but with time the screen should be getting back dished up (this is my guess, not i'm sure).

Detail, not always when I press is running, sometimes I press the screen to the center of the touch again be recognized, but it seems that the phone is registering touches alone.

What would be a solution, and change the screen (it does not mean that changing the screen the problem solved), want to try other alternatives before changing the screen.

Perhaps heating up the screen with hot air, in theory it will expand and become more pliable, and then if I press down the center panel of the phone with something for a while until it cools, in theory the screen would remain indefinitely, and if that is the problem could solve -

Anyone have any thoughts, has been there?

Thanks in advanced!

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