What apps make your phone rock? Must-Haves

Hey everybody. First ever post.

When I think my phone hasn't been tweaked enough, I get on the internet and look for the coolest apps that I don't have and, of course, don't need (like all of you do too). But when I get on, I just find myself searching all sorts of dumb keywords and lots of the time I come up with nothing new.

So the purpose of this post is to get a feel for what apps you people are using for your phones.
Doing this might help other people looking to pimp their phone by making them aware of useful apps they might never hear of...Me personally, I love me some freeware, so don't worry, I'll be listing TONS of those! There's some detail for each app, so skim it to get what you need...

So, to kick things off, this is how I've got my gear setup.

My phone is a T-Mobile MDA: aka T-Mobile MDA Vario, Cingular 8125, i-mate K-JAM, QTEK 9100 and Dopod 838
Mem: 44MB with ~6-8MB left

LAUNCHER: SPB Mobile Shell 2. I tried it, and it's the most robust, smooth, and well thought out launcher I've used. I think I'll be keeping this one. BUT. It's got built in weather that works, nice fluid 3D and flip animations, and built in contact manager & dialer. It has a $30 price tag -- you can find it cheaper -- SO if you can't get your hands on it, well, I do have alternatives.
***Also Try CLaunch (Fantastic: Free) TouchFlo (awesome - Free) and HTC Cube (free)***

MUSIC: I've now settled on Core Player Mobile. It's basically the 1.0+ version of the free TCPMP. This has support for MP3, WMV, WAV, Streams, Built in YouTube finder and player, and supports downloaded .FLV files (<<<XCLENT and hard to find support for that.)
***Also Try TCPMP (FREE: love it, make sure to get the plugin for .FLV support), also, Slide2Play (also free) is a very simple music player, but nice nonetheless.

Internet Radio: Mundu Radio (FREE) supports many streaming radio stations and anything that broadcasts in MP3 format.
***Also Try Pandora (when it comes out for your phone). This will also be free and a must-have***

Bluetooth Audio: If you want to play music from your phone to bluetooth headphones, without having to upgrade to Wm6, search for a A2DP cab. There are tons out there, get one.

Broswer: Lots of people like OperaMini, but it's too big to fit on my phone. BUT, Skyfire looks like it might be the winner of the browser wars soon...Currently I have the beta (0.85), but it is supremely faster than other browsers, supports FULL WEBSITE CONTENT (YES, FLASH -- I've been able to watch full movies on Watch-Movies.net) and it's free. They still have a few things to take care of on the buggy side such as not being able to enter data into Flash forms, but once it's taken care of, it should be near perfect.

Contact Dialer / Management: I've been rockin Photo Contacts Pro for a long time now. It has built in support for HUGE (fullscreen) contact photos that pop up when you receive a call, support for custom MP3 ringtones for each person and nice layouts.
***Also Try Face Contact (An iPhone style scrolling contact manager -- Not Free yet).***

File Explorer: Resco Explorer isn't free but it's great. Finger scrolling and inertia. Pretty cool. Plus has a trash can for you deleted files...Who knew?
***Also Try GS Finder. I highly, highly recommend GSFinder (Free).***

Weather: Weather Watcher Mobile (free) is small but powerful. It updates quickly and lists details about the day's weather, the week's weather, severe weather alerts and RADAR. Plus, you only have to update every couple of days because it stores all the downloaded info on your phone, so you don't have to connect to the net as much as you might with other weather apps. And again, it's free.

Image Viewer: Well, there aren't a lot of viewers out there that are flashy enough because I mean, windows has a photo viewer that works fine. Plain, but fine. But I suggest PocketCM ImageViewer. It has the billboarding, iPhone style, photo scrolling feature. It's way too sensitive right now in its beta stages, but once it's complete, it will be a must-have for the PPC world. (FREE)

System Utilities:

Xtra Buttons: AEBPlus (free) is the only one that I've needed. Turned 5 useful buttons into 15.

Overclocking: omapClock will overclock your PPC to perfection. Stock, my phone is 180mhz, but with omapClock I can safely overclock my phone to 276. Plus, I add a shortcut to the startup folder to start my machine off fast when I soft reset.

Registry Editors: If you're like, well, everybody on this site, you like tweaking your phone to the max. If you wanna get your hands dirty and get into that registry, i recommend Resco Registry Editor. It came with my Resco explorer lol, but it has a clean intuitive interface, great scrolling and quick search features.
***Also Try PHM Registry Editor (free)***

Space Saving & Cleaning: ClearTemp is a godsend. This will remove all of the stored cache and internet crap that is left on your phone and takes up space. Especially for us who test out all kinds of software and install/uninstall frequently, this will give you back whole Megs of storage space. Literally. I love it (Free).

Task Managers:
TaskFacade is cool. It actually shows screenshots of your currently running programs, lets you jump directly to them, and close them all in the blink of an eye. (FREE)
***Also try QuickMenu***

Do-It-Alls: QUickMenu CAN replace the traditional start menu with a more Windows Desktop feel. Instead of one big menu, Clicking the Programs arrow opens up a list of programs, folders show their contents, etc. Also, it is a built in task manager that will actually close your programs instead of letting it sit in the background.
***Also Try Pocket Toolman. Pocket Toolman will give you quick access to everything System -- soft reset, remove programs, blank screen, etc. It's fantastic.

iCrap: MusicID is the WM version of the ShazaM app for the iPhuz. Honestly, I never thought I'd use it but it has come in handy. It's small, and it works. That'll show those iPhags.

Games: Pocket Nester is a badass NES emulator. The best I've used. Plus, you can put all of your games on an SD card and it runs perfectly smooth. hundreds of ROMS. (FREE)

So, this is some of the stuff on my gear that makes it boss. And I know I'm missing some stuff too, and that's where you fine folks come in. So my people, what're you rockin?

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