Pin Locking and Activesync

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I tried searching but cannot find anything on this, so as my first post, here goes...

I have a Touch Diamond with official ROM (WM6.1). I want to get over the known "issue" that with the device set to pin lock after 0 minute timeout, it still locks automatically after 1 minute of idle time.

Of course, I found an answer on this forum, see, for example : in the registry, set AEFrequencyType to 2 (instead of 1), which works as hoped as far as the device is concerned... it no longer auto-locks after any amount of time, but locks instead whenever it goes into standby.

The issue is this: Activesync no longer requires the pin to connect to the device and without pin can read ALL files from its memory, even if the phone is locked at the time. Setting AEFrequencyType back to 1 forces Activesync to require the pin even if it is not locked when it is plugged in to the computer. Does anyone know a way to force Activesync to require the pin... of course, I am looking for a setting on the device, not the PC, as I want to make it hard for anyone who might steal the phone (or if I lose it!) to read the data on the device.

In case anyone is wondering, I also found another workaround. Having set the pin timeout to some large time, like 30 minutes, I can then use a pin locking program, , and create a wakeup event notification with (seems very useful app for free!). This works, until I run FlexMail, which seems to intercept these notifications and prevent it from locking!! So, I have to override a soft key on the home screen to run the pin lock, then hit the power button to put the device into standby. Not too bad, but there must be a better way...!

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