Setup Wizard frozen state - cannot restore from twrp backup

Hey Guys,

first off: I google this before and my own work arounds did not yield any success. So here we go:

Originally I froze the Cyanogenmod Setup Wizard, as it constantly "stoppped working" after booting as I reinstalled a previously working version of (open) Gapps. Well, it still dit not work and the Setup Wizard kept quitting on boot.

Hence I did a nandroid backup with TWRP and completely formatted my internal storage - reinstalled everything from TWRP and tried to restore my "data" backup from TWRP. But what happens then is that CM13 goes into bootloop (I see the booting animation 90% of the time, sometimes it goes into "optimizing app..." mode, only to reboot immediately after finishing the optimization).

I assume this problem occures because I froze the Setup Wizard in the backup, which is required for initializing the system after restoring?

What I've tried so far:

  1. reinstalling/restoring/wiping the different partitions in all possible orders
  2. if I reinstall everything without the backup (includes DATA only!) CM13 boots up just fine, but without my user data, settings etc..
  3. Thus I tried to unfreeze the setup wizard, but a) via ADB does not work (device always offline or cannot connect in bootloop/recovery mode), b) there is no "packages-stoped.xml" in my /system folder of the backup for the package manager (hence i cannot change the disabled/enabled value of com.cyanogenmod.setupwizard), c) replacing the /system folder of my data-backup with an older version: this worked but all my settings were completely gone.
  4. Finally I even tried to delete the package.xml and package.list in the /data/system folder (assuming the freez-value is stored there) and it would be rebuild. However, this did not help.

So I do know by now, that the bootloop problem resides within the /data/system folder of my backup. However, I cannot narrow it more down. Does anyone have more ideas how I might restore from the backup without running into a boot loop?


I've narrowed it down to the /data/system/users folder. I've found the package-restrictions.xml there. But this is apparently not the one file responsible for the bootloop (exchanged it a working backup). Sadly, all my settings are in there as well

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