Wifi being stuck on or on/off troubleshooting

So I know this topic has a few posts many a year or so old but I'm looking for a possible work around for this issue. Here's a background of what happened:
I have a rooted note 4 originally running cm12, I wanted to return to a stock build and when I did something happened (can't remember what) and my wifi stopped working it would click on them immediately off my first thought was kernel so I flashed a new one but didn't help I tried a different stock build 5.0.1 instead of 5.1.1 but still same issue. I went back to the cm12 and that seemed to work fine still, I looked for another stock build because I'm stubborn and flashed a different kernel than the previous ones I've tried. This seemed to fix my wifi issue at least for a day then back to the same issues. Anyway here's what I've been messing with to try and figure this out.

I'm focused around the file wpa_supplicant.conf as I've tried restarts and all that but that won't do anything. What I have noticed recently is when I don't have any networks saved in that file I can toggle airplane mode and try toggling wifi, after a few sometimes dozen attempts it comes on and works fine so long as it stays on. If I turn it off I have to restart my process of going into wpa_supplicant.conf>deleting my saved network>toggling airplane>then spamming wifi. As I'm able to repeat this it leads me to believe it's not hardware related, slim chance on loose cable, But if there's a way to prevent the system from auto saving a password that might help with a workaround. I've tried changing that files permissions as well as the ones in the system>etc>wifi folder but they get changed back

Anyway I'm still working on finding the root cause but will update if I find anything also tried deleting the wpa file and that works to after a restart but issue comes back and so does file which doesn't seem to me that its a corruption issue

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