couple questions about Fender Mytouch

forgive me if this is in the wrong section... i know not what i do.

I am very familiar with iPhone hacking and everything, but Android is another story. I have managed to downgrade my Fender Mytouch from 2.2 to 1.6 without a gold card, but I lost all my fender apps, ringtones, wallpapers, etc. splash screen too... which doesnt bother me much, but the stock mytouch screen is FUGLY!!

i have been looking on this site at the different roms, and all of the ones I came across as the "stock" fender roms with or without root are NOT available.. meaning they have been taken off the host site.

now one question I have is: where would I be able to find a STOCK (with or without root, doesnt matter much to me... though root WOULD be nice..) Fender rom thats at version 1.6? (with the google activation optional, as I don't have a T-Mobile sim card). id like all the fender apps, ringtones, walls, etc. every thing ive come across on google, ive downloaded, unpacked, and looked inside at the apps, and theyre missing the solo app. not sure what others theyre missing, because, I was stupid, and didnt back up my froyo fender rom.

2nd question: I got this phone from my mom, who is on Tmobile, and stopped using it when they pushed the froyo update. this phone got ALL screwed up, and wouldnt work properly. so i gave her my unlocked iphone and got another iphone. now she doesnt want this fender back because she is in love with the iphone, its so simple for her to use. plus she likes the iHome stuff, iTunes sync, etc etc.
sorry for the rant... my question is... the tmobile account is under my dads name, and he refuses to call tmobile to get me the unlock code (because he hates talking to customer service), and won't give me the last 4 digits of his social, to verify the account. is there a way to get the unlock code myself, for free? I dont really trust the unlock services. or is there a way to do it by a hack, like you can with the iPhone? I am currently on ATT.

thanks all for dealing with my newbie-ness. my flame suit is *engaged*. fire on....

my phones info is below:

HBOOT-1.33.0013 (SAPP31000)
OCT 21 2009 22:33:27

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