Beloved Sensation stolen.. Sammy glxy nexus?

Hey everybody,
well, my sensation got stolen a week ago, this has been a very bad (phone-wise) week, because I've been using an Iphone 3gs since (my dad had one just for occasions like these)..
this Iphone is the crappiest thing I've ever used so help me kermit the frog!

any way.. my goal since then was to buy a new sensation and make it an XE just to cheer my self up.. but now came out the amazing Samsung galaxy nexus, now this thing is absolutely incredible.. the screen on that phone is just perfection, I could just dream HTC would use that screen on their phones. for the record - I adore HTC, and would always prefer an HTC phone over any other model, but this thing just blew my mind away..
So.. the thing is I dont want to get my hopes up so that if eventually I'll buy myself a new sensation I would always think back about the galaxy nexus.
and that's where you guys (and gals) come along, I'm just looking for some advice, you really don't need to explain how good the sensation is and how Htc makes the best phones and interface out there because I already know, just read on and you'll understand my frustration:

these are the pros and cons:

HTC sensation xe:

1. It has sense (this is the biggest advantage HTC has over Samsung or for that matter over every other smartphone out there.)

2. 1.5 ghz dual core.

3. 8 mp camera (although smartphones have a very small camera sensor so it really doesnt matter how many MP's you've got, you could have 20 of them but still get crappy photos).

4. beats audio (though this feature doesn't really matter to me as I don't listen to music from my phone that much)

Samsung galaxy nexus:

1. ICS (although the sensation is getting it pretty pretty pretty soon)

2. the screen ohhhh the screen, this thing is by far the most amazing screen i've ever seen on a phone. plus it's bigger, 4.65 inches and I love that.

3. good camera: although it lacks the MP's the sensation has, I think this camera is a very good one in comparison. It features a very (very) fast shutter speed, I believe it is faster than the sensation, and Samsung says it has top notch low light performance which is one of the most important things a phone's camera can have.

the two major cons I see in the galaxy nexus is it is SENSEless (), and the price of course... I can buy a Sensation and a half with its price

If you leave out the Sense's widgets (because the launchers today are pretty good) I will definitely miss it's features like flip to silent, pick up phone when call comes in and the ring volume lowers, flip to turn speaker in call.. these are the things that make HTC phones better than other phones.

anyway I think that if the Sammy's price won't lower soon I'd settle for the sensation, but what if there was a minor price difference? what would you do?
I'd love to hear your thoughts people, TNX!

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