A few ideas. What you think?

As much as I like how much thoughts that Google has put into making a better lockscreen with widgets,
I find it kinda taking up spaces and not as efficient as they thought it would be.
I always like a clean, neat looking lockscreen which Google got it on ICS. And that gave me a few ideas.

One thing that they got it right is the quick toggles pulldown. (Thank God, finally.)
And I think that is the direction they should be heading to: Pulldown panels.
Pulldown panel is one of many things that I love about Android.
It's useful and accessible anytime anywhere.
One for notification, one for quick toggles, and one for "quick widgets."

A quick complaint on the toggles:
Google, please make the tiles smaller.
And please revise it into how CM has implemented it.
One tap for on/off. Long press to go to its settings page.
Thank you.

Now, about the quick widgets.
This is what the fruit company initially and partially got it right.
This pulldown should be for weather, stock, NFL/NBA scores, current traffic, etc.
And a sync button to sync instead of having them running in background all the time consuming power.
And maybe for some ads too, like Amazon today's free app, Play today's free music tracks, etc.
And please make it interactive like notification panel. Or like the lockscreen widgets on 4.2.
Either pull it down or swipe it across to reveal more infos. Tap on it to go the full app.
These widgets are stationary, and can be added/removed in settings.

Lastly, make all pulldown panel pull-able even when there's a pin/pattern/password on lockscreen.
For privacy on notification, make it says: A has sent X messages, a missed call from B, C has X comments on your FB wall, etc.
Tap on it will prompt user to login before taking him/her to the full app.
This is another thing that the fruit company got it right.

The quick camera access is another one that Google finally got it right.
Again, fruity got it right first. (Argh!)
But please make it swipe-able back to the lockscreen. Thankyouverymuch.

Also, I hope they do some with the black status bar on lockscreen.
The lockscreen on MIUI, WP8, BB10, Sailfish looks really clean without that black bar.
Maybe they should make it transparent like MIUI.

And I hope they implement some gestures to hide the status bar + the navigation bar,
like pinch the screen from the top+bottom bezel into the screen,
so finally everything can be enjoyed in fullscreen and get some screen estate back, yet status bar + navigation bar still easily accessible.
The way CM does the hiding is not that efficient.
And save that AMOLED from burn-in.
I watched a clip of Sailfish OS. All the gesture is a bit confusing, yet it's interesting and inspiring.

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