[Q] Bricked my phone formatting system, Unbricked, But now Mounts2sd mucks up phone!!

Ok heres the story (its not too long don't worry)-
But I URGENTLY need help to fix it please please.

I have an LG GT 540.
I got it 2months ago, and it came as factory standard, and on LG's android 1.6 operating system (so unusable basically).

Over the 2months I managed to upgrade it to a Cyanogen 4.2.1 custom rom, managed to learn how to partition my SD card into fat32 & ext2 and then installed Mounts2sd and used it to freeup space on phone.
(The phone comes with only 138mb storage, so is unusable without mounts2sd quite simply).

The phone was constantly freezingup everytime I tried to load any app ever,
but after clicking the 'Fix Permissions' tab in the recovery menu, it was all working fine and everything was working fine.

HOWEVER as 1 thing wasn't working on an app I love, and re-installing the app didn't fix the issue, I decided to wipe the whole phone, reinstall the ROM and try re-installing the app then.

But when trying to clear and wipe everything from the phone, in addition to clicking data wipe/cache wipe/dalvik cache wipe, I also clicked on the buttons saying ''Format system / Format SDcard / Format sd-ext''.

When I tried to reboot phone it was bricked, as had no boot screen logo, just was plain dark screen.

I fixed this by removing sd card from phone, putting it into laptop, placing the Cyanogen 4.2.1 rom file directly onto the sdcard, placing sd back into phone, rebooting into recovery menu, and then re-installing the ROM from the sd card.

However I now have a massive issue in that whilst the phone will now work without Mounts2sd installed (well it works but I cant install any apps as no space to do that),
As soon as I install Mounts2sd on the phone and try to use it, whilst it does freeup the memory its meant to, it totally mucksup the entire phone by making every app freeze, making phone not turn off straight away when clicked to... ect

I have removed sdcard, re-partitioned it on my laptop into Fat32 & Ext2, re-installed the ROM multiple times, and then re-installed mounts2sd on the fresh rom and tried to use it,
But everytime I try it just screwsup the phone and makes all the apps and everything on the phone freeze!!

Ive now wiped all data/cache/dalvik,
re-flashed that cyanogen rom onto the phone again (mustve done that 50x now in last 2months),
and am about to try formatting the sd card again on my laptop, then re-partitioning it to Fat32 & Ext2.

But before I re-install Mounts2sd and get the exact same issue all over again,
please please can someone tell me how I can fix this or what im doing wrong??

And so how exactly I can install Mounts2sd back onto my phone again, but without it messingup the whole phone and making everything on it freeze?

Thankyou soooo much inadvance

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