Absurd Battery Drain during use, Any Device, never was a problem till 5.0+

What's up xda guys and gals? I'm at a point where I've just reached the end of my wits and I'm about to just give up entirely over this. I've spent countless hours reading, for weeks, months, and now a few years off and on trying to find a solution to this... but even with the help of some pals here on the forums, I'm at a total loss.

Ever since we went to 5.0 Lollipop, my battery drain during use (As in, general use like web browsing, messaging, reading, emailing, etc) has just become out of control. Like, I'm talking extreme and it doesn't matter what device I use O.O , Yeah... Basically, whether I am reading, emailing, browsing, I on average lose about 1% every 1-2 minutes. Phones always running hot, I've tried underclocking, minimum brightness, under volting. Nothing fixes it...

I've had this issue on:

The OnePlus One (Only after 5.0, never on KK)
The Moto X 2nd gen
The Moto X Pure
The Nexus 6p
The HTC M9
The HTC 10
The Xperia Z2 and Z3

Now...for a quick recap of what I do on my devices... I never use auto sync, everything is set to manual, location is off, location scanning is off, wifi scanning is off, bluetooth is only on while I am in the car (bluetooth use is really on 2015+), almost always manual brightness, never turned above 50%, if auto is used I still limited it to 50% as a max. No games are ever played (mobile games aren't real games), No 3D stuff, or other heavy gpu related nonsense.

With these things in mind... Here is my battery history. Only with major milestones to indicate progression.
From the first to the last (oldest to newest device)

  1. Galaxy S2 - Average runtime of 15-17 hours with 1.5-2.5 hours of SOT. (Although 2.5 wasn't till I learned to root and used roms, so very late)
  2. Galaxy S3 - Average runtime of 16-18 hours, 2-3 hours of SOT.
  3. Galaxy S4 - Average Runtime of 18-21 hours, 3-4 hours of SOT
  4. Moto X 1st Gen - Average Runtime of 19-24 hours, 5-6 hours SOT.
  5. HTC M8 - Average Runtime of 18-30 hours, 5-5.5 hours of SOT
  6. OnePlus One - Average Runtime of 20-35 hours, 6-8 hours of SOT. (Average was about 7, but was lower for a while when I was streaming 20GB of youtube/music a month over LTE.

What do I get currently on my newer OnePlus one? Between Cos12.1-CM13 (Tried different ones over time), a average runtime of 10-15 hours with 2-3.5 hours of SOT, 4 if I am lucky. HOWEVER...if I do not use the phone, at all, like ZERO usage it will show 1-2 days of standby, if I use it for more than 5 minutes, it will say like 4 hours.
WTF happened?

Now... the the other phones I listed above that I had the same issue with, were all mostly similar. The OPO is the only device out of that group that can go over 3 hours of SOT for me. When I had a Moto X Pure, I actually completely drained it in 3 hours and 22 minutes. As in, Not like 12 hours and then 3 hours 22 minutes of SOT, I mean 3 hours and 22 minutes of COMPLETE RUN TIME. That was just a collective of messaging, reading, browsing the web and some videos over wifi, never higher than 720p. Nothing out of my norm at all...

I went through 5 different Moto X Pure's, I just thought... "I have to have a crap one, it cannot be this bad". But I gave up after the 5th.

The only device I've used that gave me ROCK solid battery life on something running 5.0+ was the Nexus 6, It felt like a normal phone to me, but that dang ascending ringtone just killed it for me. Although now days I need waaaaaay more than 64GB, but i digress.

My question is... am I going nuts? Or did android just become extremely power inefficient after 5.0+? What happened? I just honestly cannot imagine that phones are this garbage with battery now days, I am a power user in terms of reading, messaging, and such, but I don't game or steam 1440p videos over LTE all day like some folks do. How on earth do people even use phones like that today? With all my efforts to be as battery economical as possible, it's horrible by 4.4 and under standards, what is it like for people who don't try to conserve at all? 1 hour phones? I'm seriously just at a loss...

Now, I know most of you will say "post battery stats", and I can do so if someone wishes...but it's never helped me find anything. There are no applications consuming like 80% of the power, it all just... looks normal, just Android System always around 12%-15%. I've tried multiple battery stat applications, I've sent stats to friends on xda, and so far it's just "normal". It basically feels like every phone I touch just magically has its' battery reduced to 1000 mah or something. I just... I'm seriously at a loss.

Can someone shed some light on this? Am I crazy? Or did 5.0+ just zap up the power?


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