Few questions about RAM management on Android

Hello. First of all, sorry if I got to the wrong forum section and not writing to general topic for questions. I wanted more details/opinions on these questions.
So I have a low-end android phone (Nokia 5) (hopefully topic is not phone specific) which only has 2 GB of RAM. When phone is just booted, it can store up to like 15 applications in the background (I actually managed to store 20 applications there at some point). It doesn't matter what apps are there (heavy or light (excluding Camera (later on that))) it manages up to 15 without closing them off. But after few hours (let's say like 20 hours) the amount of apps it can hold is reduced to like 5 (it varies). Like.. I can close all the apps and reopen them again, but as soon as 6th app is opened, first opened app is closed. Simply.. The idea is that I find myself reopening apps more and more often as the time since last boot increases. I understand that my phone is limited on RAM and it couldn't hold 15 applications in the background all the time, but why exactly is this happening? What gets stored so heavily in RAM as the time since last boot increases? Settings show that amount of memory used is 1.4 GB out of 2GB (which is why I never trust that number). I've tried force closing all the applications to see if that is some app-specific, but only rebooting device "fixes" it back to 15+ apps.
And second question is: can it be that the time (those 20 hours) is shorter on Oreo? I mean.. On android 7.1.1 I would restart the device like once per 2 or 3 days to get it back to the best performance. In other words.. Time since last boot would be longer before it reduces amount of apps that can be held in the background. But Oreo is using lot less RAM on it's own which makes it weird. And my device had some issues on RAM management between android 7.1.1 and Oreo that were 'fixed' so I was wondering if it's just Oreo 'function' or those issues never were fully fixed.

Also, I was wondering if Camera applications usually take much RAM (when not in background). My phone is holding like 10 apps and as soon as I open Camera/take a picture (either stock or 3rd party) ~5+ apps are closed.

I know that my english is far from perfect, but hopefully somebody will be able to understand this scribble

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