TWRP Decryption failure - Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus

Hello I am new to Android devices (though I am casually programming in Xamarin), I recently got Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus 4/64 and now I am facing (apparently quite popular) problem about not being able decrypt data partition in TWRP. At first I was running official MIUI v9.6.4.0 ROM now I am using unofficial build of LineageOS 15.1 with Oreo.

These are my logs:

I can see invalid hex string for password in there for some reason. Would really appreciate your help:

I:Is encrypted, do decrypt page first I:Switching packages (TWRP) I:Set page: 'decrypt' I:Set page: 'trydecrypt' I:operation_start: 'Decrypt' crypt_ftr->fs_size = 111262639 Using scrypt with keymaster for cryptfs KDF Invalid hex string Failed to convert passwd from hex, using passwd instead keymaster module name is Keymaster QTI HAL keymaster version is 256 Found keymaster1 module, using keymaster1 API. Signing safely-padded object Enabling support for allow_discards in dmcrypt. load_crypto_mapping_table: target_type = crypt load_crypto_mapping_table: real_blk_name = /dev/block/mmcblk0p50, extra_params = 1 allow_discards 22 I:Found no matching fstab entry for uevent device '/devices/virtual/block/dm-0' - add

So far I tried removing fingerprints (though they aren't really removed for some reason if you do this from settings but rather unlinked, so I removed xml and user.db file) and changing password after encryption but while changing password affects the lockscreen it doesn't change the boot password (so my second question is if it is intended and I should interface with cryptsf.c instead or a bug?).

My goal is to make nandroid backups from TWRP including data partition, but I cannot do that if I can't mount the partition.

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